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Leonardo da Vinci
Great love springs from the full knowledge of the thing one loves; and if you do not know it, you can love it but little or not at all.
Leonardo da Vinci Notebooks

Leonard Michaels
Paolo Uccello (1397-1495)
We see no birds in the paintings of Paolo Uccello. In all his teeming world the skies are empty. One looks up in hope, and sees no feathered creatures in flight or perched on the branches of trees. Lowering one's eyes onto a tranquil landscape peopled by hermits, one can discern, at the most, a pair of wading birds and three swans.

Michelangelo and Raphael
Is an artist who does one thing well superior to an artist who does lots of things well? Is less, or more, more? Although Michelangelo was unsurpassed in the depiction of the male nude, Aretino accused him of monmaniacally depicting the same stock figure again and again. Raphael was far
more versatile, able to
do portraits and landscape backgrounds
and distinguish between sexes and ages.
ART Michelangelo

James Hall
Rubens art
I confess that I am by natural instinct better fitted to execute very large works than small curiosities.
Peter Paul Rubens

ART Raphael
Tintoretto art
Tintoretto encouraged the use of a nickname which identified him as the son of a humble dyer, and sought the patronage of middle-class and artisan Venetians.
Peter Humfrey
El Greco (1541-1614) art
El Greco was mainly ... a teller of old familiar stories, .. but he told them in his own peculiar manner, and that manner tells another story, so enigmatic that pore over it in fascinated bewilderment, trying to construe its meaning.
Aldous Huxley
Caravaggio (1573-1610) art
There is no diversity in Caravaggio... His originality lies elsewhere; it is less in the creation of the immediately identifiable, intensely personal style ... but rather a look, a look which is his, and his alone... So Caravaggio is original in this rather new sense: his style has a presence which bears his name. This is invention not as diversity and multiplicity of talent, but as an impassioned personalized narrowness. It is genius as obsession.
Stephen Koch

Rembrandt art
When our eyes rest on a painting by Rembrandt (on those he did in the last years of his life), our gaze become heavy, somewhat bovine. Something holds it back, a weighty force. Why do we keep looking, since we are not immediately enchanted by the intellectual liveliness that knows everything and all at once? ... Rembrandt not only stops the time that made the subject flow into the future, but makes it flow back to the remotest ages. By means of this operation, Rembrandt achieves solemnity.
Jean Genet

Velasquez art
Velasquez, with formidable audacity, executes the supreme gesture of disdain that calls forth a whole new painting... Until then, the painter's eye had Ptolemaically revolved about each object, following a servile orbit. Velasquez despotically resolves to fix the one point of view. The entire picture will be born in a single act of vision, and things will have to contrive as best they may to move into the line of vision. It is a Copernican revolution, comparable to that promoted by Descartes.
Jose Ortega y Gasset
Chardin art
Working up from that base, he will set down their bodies, in thin white tonal washes, tamp these back into the ground, with earthy or sooty overlays; re-gather for another move upward into the light; conceal his traces again, glazing however with more forceful hues, before committing himself to the declamatory flash of impasto.... More often a brush load of near-dry paint rasps over the grain of the canvas with an irritative sensuality, here dragging a cool opaque bloom over the deep translucent heat of plum-flesh...
Julian Bell on the Bowl of Plums, Peach and Water Pitcher
Turner art
Turner lived all his life in great simplicity, with his working-man father, and two successive mistresses who were both illiterate. He amassed an immense fortune and left it, with all his paintings, the best of which he refused to sell, to his native country and to charity. (His will was broken by remote and greedy heirs.)
Kenneth Rexroth
Whistler art
For Whistler the nocturne was a concept as much as it was a perception, as much an idea as an image. He could take it almost anywhere and, in addition to paint, could use any number of painterly means. ("Paint should not be applied thick," he had said. "It should be like breath on the surface of a pane of glass.")
Stanley Plumly
Constable art
No man ever had more than one conception. Milton emptied his mind in his first book of Paradise Lost, all the rest is transcript of self. The Odyssey is a repetition of the Iliad. .. I can think of no exception but Shakespeare; he is always varied, never mannered.
James Hall
Each epoch must have its artists who express it and reproduce it for the future.
Gustave Courbet
Monet announces: "Here is nature as you don't usually see it, as I myself don't usually see it, but as you can see it - not necessarily this particular effect but, in my wake, others which resemble it. The vision I offer you is superior to the one we put up with; my painting will change reality for you..."
Michael Butor
Cezanne art
A minute in the world's life passes! To paint it in its reality, and forget everything for that! To become that minute, to be the sensitive plate...
Matisse art
The truly original artist invents his own signs... The importance of an artist is to be measured by the number of new signs he has introduced into the language of art.
Matisse: the artist speaks
Picasso art
Hostile critics have seen his shifts in subject matter and style as somersaults of a dilettante and common, while admirers see them as evidence of God-like fertility.
James Hall art
Cubism and Surrealism
Cubism was a way of painting which a group of painters imposed on themselves, Surrealism a philosophy of life put forward by a band of poets. The first was essentially a method of breaking up the object and putting it together again according to concepts of pictorial structure... The second was the attempt of a highly organized group to change life altogether, to make a new kind of man...
Cyril Connolly
Thiebaud art
Thieaud's streets live tremendously while people exist only by implication, like the invisible drivers of a child's toy trucks and cars.

Italo Calvino
Piero Della Francesca (1439-1492) art
Friends say: well, you've been there and seen a lot; you liked Duccio, the Dorian columns, the stained glass at Chartres and the Lascaux bulls - but tell us what you've chosen for yourself; who is the painter closest to your heart, the one you'll never exchange? A reasonable question since every love, if true, should efface the previous one, should enter, overwhelm and demand exclusiveness. So I pause and reply: Piero della Francesca.
Zbigniew Herbert
Hans Holbein the Younger art (large format hope you have broadband)
Holbein's lords no longer ride hunting. They are inmates of palaces, their flesh is rounded, their limbs at rest, their eyes skeptical or contemplative. They are indolent statesmen, they deal in intrigues; they have already learnt the meaning of the words "The balance of the powers," and in consequence they wield the sword no longer; they have become sedentary rulers. Hans Holbein the Younger art
Ford Madox Ford
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Andy Warhol Pop art
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Leonardo Da Vinci
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Florence Daye "Arrogant Cat"
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Banksy prints chimps

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Mohammed saeed al Sahaf - lying!
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Balthus: cats, mirrors & adolescent breasts
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Contemporary art Die neue Sachlichkeit & Estonian art
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Gennadiy Kaganov Ukrainian artist (naughty but nice
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Recently dead artists Greta Sequeira Valentine
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A warning to artists who give their art away.

Orlando, Fla. -- Two firms have sued Colombian painter Fernando Botero, accusing him of interfering with their efforts to market and sell reproductions, posters and lithographs of a collection of his work that he donated to a museum in Colombia.

Art Brokers USA Inc. and Publicidad Externa Limitada, also known as Publix, sued Botero in state court in Florida's Broward County this week, alleging interference and unfair trade practices.

The lawsuit alleged that Botero falsely told media outlets and people in Miami's art community that the products being made by Publix and Art Brokers were unauthorized and illegitimate.

In 1999, Botero, who is known for his paintings and sculptures of very fat people, gave some of his works to the Museum of Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia, which sold Publix rights to market and sell products or services related to the art, the lawsuit said. AP

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August Renoir
August Renoir
August Renoir
August Renoir
August Renoir
August Renoir
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art and life Paul Cezanne Paul Cezanne
cubism art and life times online art Auguste Renoir
Cezzanerk Ch
Paul Cezanne
Auguste Renoir
Mark Chagall
life and times art and paintings agall
ManetPaul Cezanne
Auguste Renoir
Mark Chagall

Auguste Renoir
Mark Chagall



banksy prints on canvas

Gilbert & George

Its all Banksy this week - the film, the T shirt the DVD and the er! wall.
Banksy PrintsBlek the Rat is one of Banksy's wall art buddies pictured above. The school of Banksy

The big shocks in the art world ! An Artist has won the turner prize.
Controversialists must be in despair. The pile of atomised turbo jet engine didn't scoop the Turner Prize after all, even though it had been favourite to win the famously contentious award.

Instead, Richard Wright, who had been considered the "quietest" yet most established entrant in the flamboyant four-strong shortlist which included works made from plastinated cows' brains and a whale skull scooped the £25,000 award.

When asked what he planned to do with the prize, he said: "I can't give you an answer but like everybody else I have bills. I suspect I'll have to pay some of those with it." He added: "I'm shocked is there another kind of reaction?"

Britsh Silver week - A Traditional artform


At the Tate Modern
Worth a visit to the Tate Modern to see what these two old perverts are up to in the name of Art. Also at the Tate Modern Turbine Hall, free Slide-"O"-art. Great fun, though a long wait for the longest slide.

Gilbert & George Blood Heads

Banksy and his rats.

Westborne Grove, West London is the host to a nest of rats and graffiti art by Banksy. You need a gimmic to get your art looked at now days, and Banksy's rats worked on me. Creepy and squerming all over the wood floor, of what could have been an estate agents office only last week, so not much has changed.

More Banksy
Banksy Canvas Prints

Trafalgar square seems to be the in public ART place at the moment - Not only the National Gallery, but Rolf Harris and his giant mosaic Art works, and Marc Quinn and his controversial and ultra PC armless pregnant woman sitting atop a plinth - A plinth, until now reserved for Monarchs and great warriors, inventors or heroes.

"Alison Lapper Pregnant"

More trafalgar images by Marcus Geiger
emm! as a PC arty statement or neo-classical sculpture, we think it aint arf bad. In trafalgar square?- why not, untill we find a new English Hero to sit there.

Rolf Harris

What more large art?

Is this the largest art work ever ?
Wrapping up a River In Colorado. Christo and Jeanne-Claude are working on their next project. "After more than 40 years of supersized artworks, one last mega-art project remains on the couple's drawing board. They propose draping nearly seven miles of reflective translucent fabric at periodic intervals above a winding, 40-mile stretch of the Arkansas River in south central Colorado.

Self Portrait Marcus Geiger
digital art
Limited edition print Marcus Geiger
POP art
Is it Art ? *Troy The Movie*

Limted edition signed by Artist
Marcus Geiger JFK (3) 30x20 inch.

Secure insured P&P £3.95. Total £42.95 delivery 7 days. JFK POP Art Crazy living artist art


80 inch x 30 inch "large wall" POP art
four seperate signed 230 GSM gloss prints. Inc P&P £155.00

Police in Norway have arrested a woman and charged her with being an accomplice in the theft of Edvard Munch's The Scream last year. "She was charged with handling stolen goods after allegedly being found to have banknotes from a bank robbery in which a policeman was shot dead. A police lawyer said the woman was suspected of being an accomplice to the Munch theft but gave no more details."
Monkey Art business
The Cooper art gallery in Barnsley have removed paintings by Decamps, because they are "offensive - demeaning to animals" the offending painting depicts a monkey in waistcoat and fez. The gallery manager Graham Riding says"some people find these paintings demeaning to animals".
We say - sack him and his loony committee

Transvestite wins Turner prize
Grayson Perry "Essex geezer in a dress" has won the prestigious Turner prize We can hear old JMDubya spinning in his grave, not because of Grayson Perry's choice in dresses, but because he is a potter (he also does fine embroadery .ed). Having had a good look at Grayson work, we can only say its a vast improvement over recent Turner winners - Photo & GP's impresive CV

Van Hoogstaten great art collector or devil

Damien Hurst buys back his own "art" from Saatchi -There has been bad blood between Hurst and Saatchi over the dollars for art scam - who is scaming who? we are not sure.
Our investigator reports that Hurst may have cut up several bovine type creatures (Cows), and presented them as art to the gulible Saatchi, who reportadley paid Hurst several million dollars.

A local butcher, who visited the Saatchi gallery in August complained to Saatchi that the cows belonged to him, and where due to be shipped to Mcdonalds processing plant in Latvia. Hurst fearing legal action from Mcdonalds has negotiated(his art dealer)the return of the cow p-arts. They will soon be returned to their rightful owners. A spokesman for Mcdonalds tells us, the company will be marketing a new range of Burgers.
" The Big Art"
"Wopper Art"
"Big Macart"
Latest bovine picture

Gormley (northern twat or genius) unveils metal
model nudes
Antony Gormley unveils his latest creation based on the plaster cast bodies of 240 volunteers at the Baltic Arts Centre in Gateshead.

Turner and Venice - at Tate Britain 9th October to 11th January 2004

* Edouard Vuillard - at the Royal Academy of Arts London W1 31st January to
18th April 2004

Palace da Vince show opens
The worlds finest collection of Leonardo da Vinci drawings, illustrating his fascination with the Human form, opened at Buckingham Palace 9th May
Leonard da Vinci
The Divine And The Grotesque features more than 70 detailed pen-and-ink and chalk sketches by Leonardo da Vinci
The royal collection of art
Stolen art Manchester.
Three paintings valued at over £1m have been stolen by a gang of crafty mancunians from the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester.

Stolen Art
*found by a toilet.*
The shortest art robbery in History

grinner the cabage eaters
A site that makes art out of unusual grinners

Arts Market
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"The Saatchi Gallery moves to county hall"
The Saatchi Gallery has taken 40,000 sq.ft.
at County Hall, LONDON and will be transforming the former GLC headquarters into a museum for new art, to open Spring
Damien Hirst april 17th - august 31st 2003 "Hirst is the alpha-male of contemporary
British art" (says Patricia Ellis) "Through his sculptures, installations, paintings,
and films, Hirst is constantly re-examining the beauty and poetry in death. Though his work often has a 'hands-off' manufactured aesthetic, Hirst approaches his grandiose subjects with the humility of a man questioning his own existence. He presents a higher truth understood through the mortal limitations of fear, religion, fatalism, awe and humour."
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