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Sebastian Horsley
was born in 1962
painter and writer.
"Crucifixion Artist"
Crucified because of his art
Painting in oils

It's claimed Sebastian Horsley is the first Westerner to undergo a crucifixion as part of an annual tradition in the Philippines.

He was nailed to a cross for more than half an hour and the whole experience has been recorded for posterity through art. Horsley has produced paintings of his crucifixion.

Sabastian Horsley has said of the experience: "As an artist I don't want to paint things as they are but the way I feel and sense they are. I can only feel and sense how they are by undergoing the experience."

"I'M only interested in animals that can kill me,"
"That's 34 physically; mentally I stopped at 16"
"My paintings were awful, but at least I learned how to be a failure,"
"I paint what I feel, not what I see."
After being kicked out of art school
"Art school polishes pebbles and dims diamonds, and I'm a diamond"

"kicked out of St Martins for forging a grant application"
Probably because this world renowned college appears to be a catchall institution for rich Scandinavians and Japs, and even richer locals.
Poor Sebastion, "the artists grant fidler" would not have fited in with the college moto -

"Abundans, tis abque, adfaberus, ra, um"
-Our rather rough translation
"better rich, better pretentious, better art"

Sebastian Horsley gets our vote for the craziest living artist, he will go far, and buying his art will be a very good long term investment(& short term ed.). If he continues on his present "living the art" course, we are sure he will soon get a special section in our recently dead artists - One to watch out for.

Sebastian Horsley
crusified for art
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