The artist is living & working in New Cross, London, UK, just a few minutes from Goldsmith's College and Gary Oldman's mum (yes, that Gary Oldman). The artist has a life-long obsession with JFK - the painting he is working on at present delves into a world that transcends photorealism. Marcus is using a microscope to recreate the pores and pigment in the skin not normally visible to the naked eye.
The arist has also spent some time in a London hospital morgue, secretly examining textures and the internal mechanism of the human face in what he says is an attempt to "recreate the true essence of JFK from the inside out".
We wait with bated breath to see what this obviously tortured artist creates from his bizzare & twisted obsessions.

We would like to have been able to display other JFK work by the artist, but from our investigation it appears he destroys the old work when he finishes the new, so "at any one time there is only one completed JFK in existence".

JFK - Marcus Geiger John F Kennedy

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