Balthus art mirrors cats adolescent breasts
(1908-2001) Count Balthasar Klossowski de Rola Balthus







by Claude Roy

Count Balthasar Klossowski de Rola, better known as Balthus, is one of the greatest European painters of our time. Though not part of any major school, Balthus lived and worked in Switzerland and has steadily gained recognition over the past 20 years. See in this study the brooding art of this controversial artists $45.50

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Balthus Hardcover: 269 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.35 x 11.75 x 9.43 Balthus



Balthus art mirrors cats adolescent breasts

Balthus art mirrors cats adolescent breasts

Balthus drawing young girl adolescent Balthus art mirrors cats adolescent breasts

We are not sure about France ormost other countries. UK 2003 is a politically correct, sexually repressed, grandmother state. With this fact in mind, any budding Artists out there should take warning, and immediately abandon any illusion of following the school of Balthus. You will end up on the sex offenders register (with Pete Townsend. Ed) and most probably spend a few years as a "nonce" in one of the overcrowd prisons that pepper this once great, green and pleasant land. Debate and comments to: or start a new thread on the mss forum (the forum is off line "Again) due to hackers electro graphiti it. Ed)
The last painting at the foot of this page. The guitar lesson, an artists eye view of an innocent, boisterous tumble betwixt teacher and pupil , or the twisted fantasies of a pedophile.

guitar lesson - balthus art

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