banksy print on canvas
Banksy Art Prints on Canvas
.Poor little misunderstand fellows! Graffiti artists, not rats. I feel irony or maybe cynicism is involved in Banksys attempt at main stream ..modern art and commercial success. Publicity for any artist is of great benifit. Damien Hirst is one of the best at this, and is one of a rare of young artists, that have also made millions from their own art, shite or otherwise. Banksy is to be commended for his efforts, much ....better to deface an Estate Agents with rat droppings, plus cleverly and humorously altered well known oil paintings, than to paint down .the side of a tube train. Lets hope he makes enough money from this "Art Show" to keep him and the rest of his gang of vile spray can rat people off the streets.

banks y prints canvas art
You can buy Banksy canvas prints at Banksy Prints very good selection on Gallery quality canvas to 46 inch....

A jolly Art punter appreciate the constable, obliviouse to the live and bostriouse Rats running around.
The paper she is clutching is the disclaimer you have to sign before crossing the freshold into the rat infested Gallery.
banksy rats
One of the curraters from the National Galery "moonlighting".
banksy rats
Banksy rats ZZZZZZZZZ!

Err! More Banksy Rats.
Final comment - we loved it!. & its free . Get down to Westborne grove before they all escape or die. (To late it finished years ago.)

Banksy remixed by Angsty - to scarry for my wall. This Banksy remix is a huge and imposing 50 inch by 40 inch -
more for a bar than home - were Banksy is a bit ooo ahhhh1 flowers in yer back pocket all very left wing PC - Angsty is er! full of Angst.

ansty remix

The alternative text is "Laugh now, but not when we 'er in charge."
The eyes are painted in oil, and we believe belong to general Thade. Or Tango Hotel. Alpha Delta Echo as Angsty prefers to say.. Is he paranoid?
A limited edition print of the above is available from Banksy Canvas Prints they are not on the site, but ring and ask..

We know nothing about Angsty - the image above and below came in the post with this note:

On the back of the note; " Remix - Eyes of islam oil on Canvas " sell!


We have our resident detective perusing all the evidence in the above images by Angsty -
He reads books, or owns books, reads the times, or possesses at least one cope of said rag - owns a pair of headphones and antique furniture and a print from a vogue cover.
em! the plot thickens - not skint (the times is a f** pound a day, not a teenager - maybe Angsty is Banksy, who has become right wing and rich as he reaches middle age - the plot thickens!.