Its a popular myth that I am loosing or have lost interest in the Human race. This is a falsehood, I have just been a little busy adding the finishing touches to my human categorization system. This system will help I and my assistants to process you all in a "just"way at the forthcoming judgment day event (completion).
You already know your category ?.Not good enough, due to strict administration rules this will not guarantee that you are transited to the correct level on Completion. To this end you are commanded to completed the online form (TEST) that has been carefully created to cause you the minimum inconvenience and stress. Please read the guidelines and clarification script prior to commencement of the test. Please note the results of the test will be judged manually and instantaneousy by "I".

Categories of beings permitted to complete the TEST.
One main category only: Human Beings.
On completion of the TEST you will be categorized into one of the following sub groups of Human Beings (Sub Human).

(Alphabetical order as designated by "I")

Farty (who obeys the rules of the system, lives, labours and dies by the system )
Freard (can have all the trimmings of the farty or Sponce, but only after many years of hard, mind numbing labour, in the right circumstances can reach the higher echelons of political and public life)
Rarty (A farty with Rat and Crarty aspirations, usually abortive at an early stage, generally after a bad experience, at poorly rat behavior)
Rat (that has many of the beneffits the farty craves, and many of the facilities the farty has, but is to lazy to get them by labouring for the system, but is cunning enough to get them knowing how the system works and by milking and abusing the system, its not worth the systems energy to persue the rat, as this would divert resources from more energy effective harvesting of the farty)
Crarty (who wants all the facilities of the farty or Sponse, they will attempt to get these by living off the farty, Rarty and Sponce by criminal and\or unethical ways, will invariably end up with nothing or very little)
Crevil (has all the trimmings of a farty with added benefit of a Sponce lifestyle, may have laboured at some stage, but found other illegal means to gain the correct life style)
Sponce (who has all the trapping of wealth and power, that is at odds to their intellect and input of their labours)
Scitsco (can be any of the above, depending on intelligence and circumstance , can lead a normal life or can kill or maim.
Scroat (anyone "I" decides is a scroat)


The TEST is Universal, and makes no concessions for colour creed religion race or disabilities or what part of the earth you reside, the TEST is conducted in English as this is the way it is. If you don't speak it or un d e.. r.... s.. .tan.....d.....it...t h....e....n ....f.........uk ....o..f.f........until you do..Start Test