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This is a banksy chimp prints page. Rats are so 2009
Banksy Prints on Canvas

banksy prints

Oooops! now why would someone graffiti all over graffiti ? ed: that is what they do.

banksy prints chimp prints art for chimps
The chimps are coming and Banksy is watching them, and waiting patiently

che chimp

Che chimp print by Banksy

thande print banksy

Tango Hotel. Alpha Delta Echo - General THADE Oil on Canvas limited edition prints available email: for details.

ansty remix of Banksy protest chimp

The alternative text is "Laugh now, but not when we 'er in charge."
The eyes are painted in oil, and we believe belong to general Thade. Or Tango Hotel. Alpha Delta Echo as Angsty prefers to say.. Is he paranoid?
A limited edition print of the above is available from Banksy Canvas Prints they are not on the site, but ring and ask..

banksy print on canvas hand finished

maybe Angsty is Banksy, who has become right wing and rich as he reaches middle age - the plot thickens!.